Guitar Training

Learn how to express yourself musically and strive for mastery, with Music In The Pines, the music school for North Idaho.


Playing music is fun, therefore learning to play music should be fun. We want you to enjoy playing music so that you develop a skill for life and share your music with those around you.

What You Will Learn

You will develop a deep understanding of music Rythm, Harmony, and Melody. This will give you the tools you need to play any song as well as create your own music.

Ideal Student

We are currently seeking guitar students, who are interested in picking up a guitar and practicing. If you plan on playing around the campfire, or large venues, or just at home, we can help you get from beginner to advanced.

Pay as you grow

With our no hassle pricing plans

Call for information on online or custom plans

Good for young children just starting out.
$60 / mo.
  • 20 Minutes 4x month
$90 / mo.
  • 30 Minutes 4x month
Good for serious students that have a lot of time for daily practice.
$165 / mo.
  • 1 Hour 4x month
  • Open Jam Sessions Weekly

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  • 31848 N 4th Ave, Spirit Lake, ID 83869

  • (208) 304-8365